We are actively looking for more people to join our talented panels of Quizmakers and Quiz Hosts. Here's what these roles mean and how one can apply:


At Thinq2Win, a Quizmaker creates quizzing content that may be used in quizzes and other information-based events. Following a successful application, we'll have you join our  panel of Quizmakers who are mostly freelance content contributors. Based on your background and aptitude, we'll offer you projects to create content for (always paid for, and promptly so). You can be located in any part of the world.

To join the panel, apply via this Google form. You'll be asked to submit responses to a bunch of tasks that will help us gauge your interest and suitability. 


Our hosts mix intelligent conversation with the art of asking smart questions. If you have any experience of being on stage and engaging people in any format, or just feel you can juggle questions, answers, and banter, apply right away. This panel is made of freelance hosts and primarily hosts pub quizzes for Thinq2win. We seek hosts all across India, especially Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi-NCR.

To apply, read and use this Google form. It'll tell you more about this panel and how to go about making a short audition video. 


Currently, there are no other roles open with Thinq2win. That said, if you think you can contribute to us outside of Quizmaking and Hosting, write in to us. We don't promise a reply unless your application strikes a chord with us, but we do read everything sent to us.

You can also look up opportunities with Choose To Thinq, our parent organisation. Click here.