Where your Future meets its Past

Do you see your child growing up without a proper sense of history? HistorIQ (pronounced the same way as 'historic') helps you become a tour guide to the past to help children meaningfully discover the world ahead. In the process, you can together build a deep habit for curiosity and critical thinking. 

HistorIQ uses the medium of an interesting trivia question each day to bring stories to children. Answering the question reveals a treasure trove of important knowledge. But most importantly, delivering these to your child will be someone incredibly dear to them: YOU.

Have meaningful conversations with your child each day

We'll turn you into a quizmaster each day for 10 minutes, and equip you with everything you need. Each Q&A will also be accompanied by a conversational cue - a chance to talk about a topic from history. This will help your child deeply engage with important events and use their critical and creative faculties. 

How it works

  • Subscribe to HistorIQ packs - each is based on a different theme and is aimed at a different age group.
  • On subscription, you will receive an email a day, with a question, answer, and cue. 
  • For 10 minutes each day, play HistorIQ!

Perfect occasions to play HistorIQ

You'll be the best judge of when to pull out the question of the day, but here are some of the times that subscribers have played HistorIQ:

  • Each evening, during dinner. It gives you a chance to talk, rather than listen to the TV.
  • During the commute to school or a class. Take your mind off the pesky traffic outside.
  • 9 a.m. on weekends - do more than one question at a time

HistorIQ Packs

Beyond 1947

  • Discover India's incredible post-independence journey
  • Ages 11-15
  • Rs. 3000/- for 365 days

Joy Hind!

  • What makes India fun: its culture, food, sports and games
  • Ages 6-10
  • Rs. 3000/- for 365 days

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