Quizzing Events

Be it offline or online, THINQ2WIN can put together a traditional or unconventional quiz for you, in which we set the quiz, deliver it, and help you capture value from the event.

Some of the key objectives we help you achieve:

  • Engaging a group of people you care about
  • Brand activation and marketing
  • Conducting a competition
  • Building a loyal and engaged community

Here are some of our most popular formats:

Pub Quizzes

Perfect for pubs, coffee shops, and other hospitality venues. Our style of pub quizzing is incredibly engaging and perfect for building a community of loyal patrons. More active than music, smarter than Karaoke, and quirkier than Scrabble, you can bank on a trivia night to get a room buzzing.

Examples from our portfolio - we've done over 300 pub quizzing episodes:

  • The weekly Doolally Pub Quiz: Running without a break since Jan 2014, this wildly popular quiz began at Doolally Pune and now happens every Wednesday at all of Doolally's Taprooms.
  • Effingut Pub Quizzes on Tues and Thurs in Pune
  • Plus quizzes in Mumbai (Blue Tokai) and Pune (Aufside)

Quiz competitions for schools, colleges, and corporates

We are a popular choice for conducting formal and competitive quizzes at academic institutions and companies around the country - we've done over 50 of these over the years.

Our portfolio includes:

  • IIT Bombay's Mood Indigo quizzes (the India quiz, the General quiz)
  • The inter IIT-IIM Nihilanth quizzing festival (General, India, Sports quizzes)
  • Intra-company quizzes for companies such as BMC software, Cognizant, 

Brand activation and marketing

Looking for interesting ways in which to do marketing and brand activation? A THINQ2WIN quiz may just be the answer. Examples include our work for Travel brand TUI and Pop Culture Merchandise brand VOXPOP.

Break the monotony of conferences, workshops, and corporate get-togethers. A quiz gets participants talking, fills in the awkward gaps in your program, reinforces your key takeaways, and here's a secret: it keeps them awake. We've done engagement quizzes at conferences such as VLDB 2016 and COMAD 2016, and for companies like Persistent Systems Ltd, IDeaS Software, and VMware India.

Conferences and Informal Events

Social Media Quizzes

We've mastered the use of social media, especially Twitter, for brand activation, community building, and engagement. Our quizzes are a cut above the usual Twitter contest landscape; our work in building Doolally's Friday Twitter quizzes speaks for itself. We've also launched a 'conversation-oriented' quiz for Independence Brewing Company.

Tired of parties where nothing happens and the only agenda is to vanish into the darkness after the cake has been cut? There's a better way to get people engaged at parties. Yes, we've pioneered party quizzes too, which also has the advantage of putting the birthday boy or the anniversary couple in the spotlight. It's safe for everyone to play, and this time, even cake will be second-best.

Party Quizzes