20 Years later...

20 Years later...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published on the 26th of June 1997. A new universe full of magic, murder, mystery, Dobby, Draco and dragons burst forth and strongly captivated audiences and mesmerized millions. The universe continues to do so 20 years on. 26th June 2017 marks this anniversary of a global phenomenon with celebrations all over the world.

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Party trick (questions)

I turned 32 years old in December. To celebrate, I decided to do something crazy. No, not sky diving, but close. I called my friends home, divided them into teams of three and then threw a whole bunch of quiz questions at them. I don’t think anyone knew exactly what to expect out of this social experiment (myself included) but what happened was actually pretty fun to watch. In no time they were yelling out answers, high-fiving team members, trash-talking opponents, heckling at the tough questions (there were some doozies and I’ll admit it was for my own sadistic pleasure) and acting like bratty kids in general. Of course no rules were followed; this was an unruly but excitable mob. Participants answered out of turn, the audience (basically those who didn’t clear the written round) heckled the quizmaster (so much for it being my birthday) and maybe there was some googling? But it turned out to be a great ice-breaker and the best part of it was that I could do something like this—something I’m personally passionate about—with the people I love. This was the first time friends from different parts of my life had come together in one place. If not for the quiz, they would have barely interacted with people outside their respective ‘cliques,’ barring small talk. It certainly was the most exciting part of my birthday party for me and even trumped the biryani, which was delicious.

It was no rager, I’ll give you that, but it *was* a raging success (don’t let my friends tell you any differentthey’re just upset they didn’t know all the answers).


Yooti Bhansali

(Press) "Happy, Quirky Birthday" - how we added quizzing to make birthdays special

As part of our quizzing brand Thinq2Win, we have created and delivered custom 'party quizzes' for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Cast your mind back to the last big party you went to: chances are it was about cliques of people in their corners. All that brings together people in the room is the cutting of the cake!

In contrast, our clever party quiz formats are designed to get everyone celebrate the people at the middle of the occasion in a fun and non-embarrassing (!) way. That too, irrespective of their age or station in life.

Pune Mirror covered us as part of an article on how birthdays can be quirky. Check it out online or here's the relevant part:


Want to invigorate your parties with a touch of smarts? Get in touch with us.

How I learnt to avoid the worst question ever: ‘What else?’

According to an article I read recently, the topics people usually end up talking about in most social settings are work, maids, children etc. I guess that’s because these are the things they have in common (or think they do).

The easiest way to connect with people and converse with them *is* to find commonality, no doubt about it. Think of any group you enjoy being part of – there is some commonality that binds the group and conversations are fun because everyone ‘gets’ the jokes. Learning more about the interests of your friends – what they like, what they hate – helps in finding more topics of commonality and helps you connect better. This is where quizzing has helped me a lot – to connect with strangers as well as friends and relatives! If I’m sitting in a pub and someone answers a question on House M.D. or Sherlock, there is an unconscious connection made (though Sherlock would find it difficult to connect with them. Humans, that is).

Quizzing helps you in avoiding that worse case scenario when it comes to conversations: What else? It is all pretty much downhill from there. The best friends I have are the ones I found through the world of quizzing. I have many friends that I first met outside of the world of quizzing, but the best conversations that I have had with them have happened courtesy quizzing. Quizzing or the game of Q&A (whether you’re asking or answering) is after all, a manifestation of the most innate qualities that defines us as human beings – curiosity. You’re not just a passive consumer but are alive to the conversation. We owe it to ourselves and our friends to have better conversations!

To give you an example: Luigi Galvani had once proposed the idea of animal electricity based on the twitching of a dead frog’s leg. Allesandro Volta later found that it just proved there was no such thing as animal electricity; the frog’s leg was simply a conductor of electricity. Now, a Galvanic reaction is also the principle used in primary batteries to generate electrical voltage. I studied metallurgy, hence this is of added significance to me. A few years ago, I had an accident on a two-wheeler as I lost my balance while trying to avoid crushing a frog that was crossing the road. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself too badly. Couple of days later, I was recounting this story to two of my friends and one of them quips,”Oh! You had a Galvanic reaction!” Now that you know the background, I’m sure my friend’s response to my accident makes lot of sense and explains why I enjoyed it so much and remember it 13 years later.

It’s simple. The interesting conversations stay with you, the boring / mediocre ones don’t. Isn’t it time we skewed the ratio?

What else?

 Harish is co-founder, Choose To Thinq and Thinq2Win

Shining Stars at Doolally

Doolally All-Stars

This year, along with Doolally, Choose To Thinq under its brand Thinq2Win decided to end the year with a novel idea. After brainstorming, we came up with a way to reward the consistent and the best, the All-Stars of the pub-quizzes we conduct every Wednesday at the Doolally tap-rooms. We also included the best of #doolallyq: The on-line Twitter quiz we conduct for Doolally every Friday. 30 contestants were selected who divided themselves into 15 teams. Big Honour, Bragging Rights, Beer and Interesting Fun was up for grabs.

Conducted at 8 PM on the 15th of December 2016, Thursday, the elimination round were a written round. Top 4 teams qualified into the finals face-off. All the teams were excellent with a close-cut off where teams were just 1/2 points behind each other.

The points were called pints, an you guessed it; that's exactly what they won! For the entire of 2017, these lucky winners will be entitled to these many pints of beer:

Aditya Gadre & Nikhila Makker: 51 Harun T & Monish: 50 Febin Mathew and Lakshman Parsuram: 50 (Lost on tie-breaks) Aditya M and Bharat: 27



At Thinq2Win we always strive to do something different in everything we do. And we took ample opportunity to try something new this time since this was an inaugural edition. This time we introduced a round called 'Clunacy'. In this round, answers were themed around words which mean 'mad'. All the three answers of a set contained a word that means 'mad'. Can you attempt this set?

1.Uzi and Mongoose are types of these in cricket 2. Logo of the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world 3. Flying mammals

The quiz was conducted by the immensely experienced B V Harish Kumar. He was ably assisted by Deven Deshpande. The audience was enthusiastic too and supported the teams throughout by staying till the end. The organization of logistics by Doolally was top-notch and they even gave us T-Shirts :D

Overall a successful wrap once again!