Party trick (questions)

I turned 32 years old in December. To celebrate, I decided to do something crazy. No, not sky diving, but close. I called my friends home, divided them into teams of three and then threw a whole bunch of quiz questions at them. I don’t think anyone knew exactly what to expect out of this social experiment (myself included) but what happened was actually pretty fun to watch. In no time they were yelling out answers, high-fiving team members, trash-talking opponents, heckling at the tough questions (there were some doozies and I’ll admit it was for my own sadistic pleasure) and acting like bratty kids in general. Of course no rules were followed; this was an unruly but excitable mob. Participants answered out of turn, the audience (basically those who didn’t clear the written round) heckled the quizmaster (so much for it being my birthday) and maybe there was some googling? But it turned out to be a great ice-breaker and the best part of it was that I could do something like this—something I’m personally passionate about—with the people I love. This was the first time friends from different parts of my life had come together in one place. If not for the quiz, they would have barely interacted with people outside their respective ‘cliques,’ barring small talk. It certainly was the most exciting part of my birthday party for me and even trumped the biryani, which was delicious.

It was no rager, I’ll give you that, but it *was* a raging success (don’t let my friends tell you any differentthey’re just upset they didn’t know all the answers).


Yooti Bhansali