Kareena Kapoor, Dmitri Mendeleev, and a 500 rupee note have this in common.

Choose To Thinq - Mumbai Doolally Pub Quiz  

Didn't play the first ever pub quiz at the Doolally Taproom in Mumbai last Wednesday, that we set and hosted? Well, you missed being a part of history, and a chance to answer questions that featured the items in the title of the post.

In the middle of a face/off!


Never mind - we've brought you a sample of the questions that about 80-odd smart people shook their craniums at, some to win free beer and lots of applause with both correct answers and wrong-but-witty ones:

  1. What famous incident from Indian history will you find on the other side of the 500 rupee note?

  2. Scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table. In his Ph.D thesis, he is said to proved the 40% rule. What is this rule?

  3. In the film “Golmaal Returns”, Ajay Devgn’s family has people such as his wife Kareena Kapoor, sister Amrita Arora, and wife’s brother Tusshar Kapoor. What was Kareena Kapoor’s character called, and why was it an interesting choice?

  4. This Hollywood couple has the same birthday – Sept 25. But one was born in 1944 and the other in 1969. Who?

  5.  This Indian sports management co. TENVIC has the tagline “To Ensure Victory”. How does it get its name?

Answers at the bottom of this post.

Prizes if the answer is right!

More photos are here.

The quiz returns next Wednesday. Don't want to forget? Join us on the Thinq2Win* pub quiz group on Facebook. And if you were wondering, what happens at a Doolally pub quiz, you oughta read this.


1. The Dandi March

2. That Russian vodka should have 40% alcohol

3. She was called "Ekta" (she plays Tusshar Kapoor's sister and in the film, is a sitcom addict)

4. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

5. Co-founded by Anil Kumble, it's because he got ten wickets in a single Test innings

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