Our quiz at VMware to recruit cricketers!

With the cricketing season around the corner, the willow-wielding enthusiasts at VMWare were keen to bring on board new employees who might be interested in being a part of the company's vibrant cricket activities. With the previous quiz on Bollywood high on their minds, this time they thought a cricket quiz would be the perfect opportunity to spot hidden fanatics in the techie crowd - as also use the occasion to make newbies aware of their cricket program. So one late afternoon, we did a special cricket quiz for the employees of the software company that tested their knowledge about interesting anecdotes, trivia, records and moments from the game that captures everyone so.

Here are some of the questions we posed. Have a go!

1. Which term connects something plant-lovers do in the yard, to something batsmen do on the pitch? 2. Three out of four times this event took place, India won the match by exactly 153 runs. What event are we talking about? 3. Which team has chased a target of 300+ the most number of times (thrice) in the history of World Cup cricket? 4. FR Spofforth ended with figures of 14-90 at The Oval in 1882, helping Australia win by 7 runs against England. This led to something that has now become a regular in cricket. What? 5. “There was a slight interruption there for athletics…”Commentator Richie Benaud’s gentlemanly description of something that had just stopped play.What was he referring to?


1. Gardening 2. An Indian scoring 200+ in an ODI! 3. Ireland 4. The "Ashes" obituary notice that gave the Aus-Eng Test series its name 5. A streaker at Lord's