20 Years later...

20 Years later...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published on the 26th of June 1997. A new universe full of magic, murder, mystery, Dobby, Draco and dragons burst forth and strongly captivated audiences and mesmerized millions. The universe continues to do so 20 years on. 26th June 2017 marks this anniversary of a global phenomenon with celebrations all over the world.

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Our quiz at VMware to recruit cricketers!

With the cricketing season around the corner, the willow-wielding enthusiasts at VMWare were keen to bring on board new employees who might be interested in being a part of the company's vibrant cricket activities. With the previous quiz on Bollywood high on their minds, this time they thought a cricket quiz would be the perfect opportunity to spot hidden fanatics in the techie crowd - as also use the occasion to make newbies aware of their cricket program. So one late afternoon, we did a special cricket quiz for the employees of the software company that tested their knowledge about interesting anecdotes, trivia, records and moments from the game that captures everyone so.

Here are some of the questions we posed. Have a go!

1. Which term connects something plant-lovers do in the yard, to something batsmen do on the pitch? 2. Three out of four times this event took place, India won the match by exactly 153 runs. What event are we talking about? 3. Which team has chased a target of 300+ the most number of times (thrice) in the history of World Cup cricket? 4. FR Spofforth ended with figures of 14-90 at The Oval in 1882, helping Australia win by 7 runs against England. This led to something that has now become a regular in cricket. What? 5. “There was a slight interruption there for athletics…”Commentator Richie Benaud’s gentlemanly description of something that had just stopped play.What was he referring to?


1. Gardening 2. An Indian scoring 200+ in an ODI! 3. Ireland 4. The "Ashes" obituary notice that gave the Aus-Eng Test series its name 5. A streaker at Lord's

When techies at VMware took on Bollywood

What can you do to stir up a bleary Wednesday afternoon and give engineers something unexpected yet clever to sink their teeth into?

We hosted a Bollywood quiz for the R&D engineers of VMware and ended up unearthing some hitherto unnoticed skills in the process such as: 'can decipher minimalistic posters at breakneck speed'; 'knows all stolen Hindi numbers'; 'lit fanboy' and 'B&W movies ka don'.

The event was a small let-your-hair-down part of our offerings to the software company where we engage employees in meaningful ways that whets their curiosity and gets them into a shape that is conducive for innovation. Omkar Yarguddi was in charge of proceedings as the quizmaster.

For the 45-minute duration of the quiz, the cafeteria was brimming with cheers, laughter and childlike urge for attention (of the quizmaster) as the techies blitzed past questions such as "What one word connects Dilip Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay?" to "In the late 80s, the civil war in Afghanistan came to a standstill because the Government was hosting the cast and crew of which film?" (Answers below.)

The audio round was enough to have people screaming above the tracks for the answers, in their enthusiasm to be the first - at one point Harish actually had to ask if anyone wanted to guess what the answer is even before the audio clip was played!

Just as filmy dialogues, melodies and stories are a part of all of us wherever we go, fun and enthusiasm should as much be a part of work and everything you do. It is nice to have a reminder of that once in a while.

Here are some more questions from the quiz:

3. What term connects the lead actress of “Rab ne bana di Jodi” with something that runs between Delhi and the town of Fazilka in Punjab?

4. Cautionary message at the end of which 1998 film?

“This film is an attempt on my part to reach out to all those people who took to violence as a means for their living. At the end of it, even if one of them out there looks into himself before he takes out his gun the next time, and understands that the pain he inflicts on others is exactly the same as he would suffer himself, I would consider this effort worthwhile.”

Answers to above questions:

1. Devdas
2. Khuda Gawah
3. NH10
4. Satya

Kareena Kapoor, Dmitri Mendeleev, and a 500 rupee note have this in common.

Choose To Thinq - Mumbai Doolally Pub Quiz  

Didn't play the first ever pub quiz at the Doolally Taproom in Mumbai last Wednesday, that we set and hosted? Well, you missed being a part of history, and a chance to answer questions that featured the items in the title of the post.

In the middle of a face/off!


Never mind - we've brought you a sample of the questions that about 80-odd smart people shook their craniums at, some to win free beer and lots of applause with both correct answers and wrong-but-witty ones:

  1. What famous incident from Indian history will you find on the other side of the 500 rupee note?

  2. Scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table. In his Ph.D thesis, he is said to proved the 40% rule. What is this rule?

  3. In the film “Golmaal Returns”, Ajay Devgn’s family has people such as his wife Kareena Kapoor, sister Amrita Arora, and wife’s brother Tusshar Kapoor. What was Kareena Kapoor’s character called, and why was it an interesting choice?

  4. This Hollywood couple has the same birthday – Sept 25. But one was born in 1944 and the other in 1969. Who?

  5.  This Indian sports management co. TENVIC has the tagline “To Ensure Victory”. How does it get its name?

Answers at the bottom of this post.

Prizes if the answer is right!

More photos are here.

The quiz returns next Wednesday. Don't want to forget? Join us on the Thinq2Win* pub quiz group on Facebook. And if you were wondering, what happens at a Doolally pub quiz, you oughta read this.


1. The Dandi March

2. That Russian vodka should have 40% alcohol

3. She was called "Ekta" (she plays Tusshar Kapoor's sister and in the film, is a sitcom addict)

4. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

5. Co-founded by Anil Kumble, it's because he got ten wickets in a single Test innings

*Thinq2Win is our quizzing-based customer engagement solutions for pubs, malls & other customer facing businesses. Want to know more? Get in touch.