Why Doolally is like the Kumbh Mela

IMG_3910At the 2nd edition of the pub quiz at the Doolally Taproom in Bandra, Mumbai, we asked:

Travel writer Eric Newby called this event as “the greatest assemblage of people gathered in a confined space for a single purpose anywhere in the world”. What was he talking about?


To which someone said "Doolally".

One of those cases where the wrong answer is better than the right one! We had no hesitation awarding a prize for that. (One day, the answer to this  may well be "Doolally".). The answer is at the end of this post - give it a try.

More questions, more people, more answers. Try your hand at this one - answered by Raghu, a photographer, and judged the answer of the day:

What is unusual about the dog, the Basenji?

Are you as smart as Raghu? Answer at the end.




Shayantan, an adman in the making, was the star of the day, answering several questions correctly, and teaming up with Daivik to ace the Fact/Fiction challenge round. Try your hand at some of the questions he and others answered to win free pints of beer and rounds of applause:

  • In which comic book series would you find Marlinspike Hall and its resident, Captain Haddock?
  • These guys in high school were punished by their PE Coach, Coach Skinner, for having long hair. In response, they named their band after him, and replaced all the vowels in his names by one letter. Which band?
  • Only two Test cricket teams have not lost their first ever Test match. Which two?




More questions and funny answers each Wed evening at Doolally. Be there!

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  • The Kumbh Mela
  • It's a barkless dog (it does bite though!)
  • The Tintin series
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd (his name was Leonard Skinner)
  • Australia and Zimbabwe

Here are last week's questions.

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Kareena Kapoor, Dmitri Mendeleev, and a 500 rupee note have this in common.

Choose To Thinq - Mumbai Doolally Pub Quiz  

Didn't play the first ever pub quiz at the Doolally Taproom in Mumbai last Wednesday, that we set and hosted? Well, you missed being a part of history, and a chance to answer questions that featured the items in the title of the post.

In the middle of a face/off!


Never mind - we've brought you a sample of the questions that about 80-odd smart people shook their craniums at, some to win free beer and lots of applause with both correct answers and wrong-but-witty ones:

  1. What famous incident from Indian history will you find on the other side of the 500 rupee note?

  2. Scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table. In his Ph.D thesis, he is said to proved the 40% rule. What is this rule?

  3. In the film “Golmaal Returns”, Ajay Devgn’s family has people such as his wife Kareena Kapoor, sister Amrita Arora, and wife’s brother Tusshar Kapoor. What was Kareena Kapoor’s character called, and why was it an interesting choice?

  4. This Hollywood couple has the same birthday – Sept 25. But one was born in 1944 and the other in 1969. Who?

  5.  This Indian sports management co. TENVIC has the tagline “To Ensure Victory”. How does it get its name?

Answers at the bottom of this post.

Prizes if the answer is right!

More photos are here.

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1. The Dandi March

2. That Russian vodka should have 40% alcohol

3. She was called "Ekta" (she plays Tusshar Kapoor's sister and in the film, is a sitcom addict)

4. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

5. Co-founded by Anil Kumble, it's because he got ten wickets in a single Test innings

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How to play the pub quiz at Doolally

New to the Doolally pub quiz? Here's what happens at the quiz:

  • The quiz is set and hosted by us at Choose To Thinq
  • The quiz is conducted in an informal setting - that means no teams need to be formed.
  • The questions are from a wide variety of topics but always have questions on films, music, sports, food and drink, etc.
  • There are usually a couple of fun challenges for you to try out
  • The format is simple: the quizmaster for the night reads out questions for the room, one by one. If you think you know the answer, put your hand up. The QM picks people to attempt answers: you win a prize (usually a pint of beer) if you get it right. If you don't, but you give an interesting answer, well, you might win a prize as well.
  • The quiz lasts for about 30-45 minutes
  • We have pub quizzes at both Mumbai Taprooms at Doolally (Wednesday nights at 8 pm). Also, for those on Twitter, there's a weekly twitter quiz at the @godoolally handle on Fridays between 2 to 2:30 pm.
  • A couple of sample episodes are here and here.

That's it! And to see the pub quiz in action, hop over to our YouTube channel. Read more about our Thinq2Win offering for pubs, malls, lounges, and more.

See you there! And what, you need some sample questions? Well, try these:

  • "I'll make a wise phrase" is an apt anagram of which writer's name?
  • Made from draught cider and lager in equal proportions, this cocktail's name is a portmanteau of a fearsome reptile and something it does when threatened. What name?
  • This term is common to two sports. In one, the ball used is large, making it necessary to be thrown in an underhand fashion. In the other, this is thrown over the shoulder in the standard version of the sport. What term?
  • Who was the first winner of the Filmfare R.D.Burman Award for New Music Talent?
  • What four letter word appears over 70 times in the lyrics of the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"?