Our treasure hunt to explore a library!

If you had chanced upon the British Library in Pune at 6 pm on Oct 7, you would have been baffled. People were running around, chattering excitedly. They were frenzily asking for this section and that, only to be old, they had to figure it out. And the librarians - quite contrary to their natural habit - were simply watching on in delight.  


Some of the participants


The British Council's Library, is one of Pune's most iconic destinations. It's usually a sombre, quiet place. But once in a while, they too want to show their fun side, and we helped them along!


So we conducted a Treasure Hunt - their first - on the occasion of their Customer Service Week. In all, 14 teams - in groups of two - ranging from little 7-year-olds to chaperoning 50-year-olds, mother-child pairs to best-friends, who devoured clue after clue to arrive at a "treasure". The clues that we had clandestinely placed across the library, were aimed at taking them around the place and helping them explore sections that they had perhaps not given much attention to earlier - from subject bays to labelled racks, and as a result, open them up to the different offerings the library already has - from games to stuffed toys to DVDs, and not just books.
Many clues were conjoined with little quizlets. And if the treasure hunters got stumped - well, what better place than a library!

Atharva & Ashwin, the winners

Everyone managed to finish the hunt, after much effort and toil. A father-son duo took home the "treasure", the father a long-time member who took as much delight in the exercise as his beaming teenager. The second team to "arrive" also took home a consolation prize - the rest had to settle for chocolates!

Choose To Thinq organisers with the British Library Staff