Why Agatha Christie hid two manuscripts in a safe.

2015 is the 125th birth anniversary of "The Queen of Crime", Agatha Christie. The 2015 Pune International Literary Festival celebrated the best-selling author with a special exhibition and a quiz that Choose To Thinq hosted on the occasion. Harish and Ramanand at P.I.L.F. 2015

The quiz was jointly presented by British Council, Pune and Choose To Thinq - this was based on a SparQue session conducted earlier in the year.

Some of the participants at the Agatha Christie Quiz

About 50 enthusiastic Agatha Christie fans took part, with ages ranging from 10 to 70+. The quiz was hosted Ramanand; incidentally, his Mastermind India-winning performance included a specialist quizzing round on "The Tommy & Tuppence books of Agatha Christie".

Participants also discussed their favourite Christie books, their most loved characters, how they got into reading Agatha Christie books, and recommended books to each other.

Some of the crowd's recommendations for the one Agatha Christie book that you should read if you are new to her books:

  • And Then There Were None
  • Murder in Mesopotamia
  • Murder on the Orient Express

Some questions from the quiz:

Q. The first and last mysteries that AC published were, respectively, Poirot and Marple novels. Name them. A. "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" and "Sleeping Murder".

Q. This form of poisoning was used in The Pale Horse. Agatha Christie was sometimes blamed for bringing it to the notice of would-be poisoners! This poison was in which chemical element's sulphate form? A. Thallium

Q. "Curtain" and "Sleeping Murder" (the last cases of Poirot and Marple respectively) were published after AC's death in the mid-1970s. However, these had been written 35-odd years ago. AC had put these stories in a safe and asked them to be published only after her death. Why did she do all this?

A. She wrote them during the beginning of World War II in Britain as she wasn’t sure if she would survive the war and its outcome. She wanted to ensure a proper ending to both Poirot and Marple, so she wrote their final books long before. She did survive the war!

The Agatha Christie Quiz at the 2015 Pune International Literary Festival

Agatha Christie Quiz at Pune International Literary Festival We are collaborating with the British Council, Pune to bring a special edition of our SparQue series to the 2015 Pune International Literary Festival. This will feature a re-run of our quiz on Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime and one of the most popular writers of all time!

Event Details (also see the details on this FB event):

      Date: Sat, 5 Sept 2015
      Time: 4:40 pm to 5:40 pm
      Venue: Session Hall - 2, YASHADA, Baner Road, Pune
      Entry into the premises for the festival requires prior registration. Register here

A festival like this often has last minute schedule & venue changes. Keep an eye out for the schedule here.

Warm up for this quiz by playing a little teaser quiz on Agatha Christie with us here!