The Summer of Distractions: A Quiz Series - Announcement

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Mangoes, vacations, the desire for the monsoons. Summers are here. To help you tide over this heat, Thinq2Win has a series of online quizzes for you: The Summer of Distractions. Sugarcane juice, water-melons and a bonanza of themed quizzes will keep your mind off that broken AC. Register soon and spread the word!

The five quizzes are:

  1. Kissa Kursi Ka - Part 1: Celebrate Season 8 of the release of the TV show with a Game of Thrones quiz. (Closed) (Rs. 199/-)

  2. Kissa Kursi Ka - Part 2: Celebrate Season 17 of the Lok Sabha with a quiz on the drama that is Indian elections. (Closed) (Rs. 199/-)

  3. Thanos Did Nothing Wrong!: Celebrate the end of the Avengers series with a quiz on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Closed) (Rs. 199/-)

  4. Powerplay: Celebrate Season 12 of the IPL with the toughest, hardcore quiz on it yet! (Closed) (Rs. 199/-)

  5. The World Cup Quiz: Celebrate another 12th: the Cricket World Cup 2019 with the World Cup Quiz. (Closed) (Rs. 199/-)

General Details

  • This is an online quiz, for individual participants, anywhere in the world. There is no restriction on age.

  • Registered participants will receive a link to the quiz via email. Attempt it at your convenience and submit by the deadline.

  • The quizzes will take place subject to a quorum of 12 participants being reached. If quorum is not met, the quiz will not take place and money will be refunded to registrees. So don’t hesitate to invite your friends, family and colleagues to participate too!

  • The tentative dates of the quizzes are as follows. Any change is dates will be reflected here and a mail will be sent to the registrees. Quizzes start and end at 1100 hours IST. They all end at 1100 hours IST on 3rd June 2019.

    Dates of Release:
    The Game of Thrones Quiz: 27th April
    The Lok Sabha Quiz: 27th April
    Avengers and MCU Quiz: 11th May
    IPL Quiz: 25th May
    World Cup Quiz: 1st June

  • Results will be updated every Friday. They can be accessed here.

  • All quizzes except the IPL quiz will consist of 40 questions. The topics will be read as widely as possible.

  • The IPL quiz will consist of 80 questions.

  • There are NO prizes.

  • We will also send a reminder a day before.

  • Apart from your wits and memory, we will encourage you to bring your honesty with you to the quiz.

  • Queries? Leave a comment below or write in to

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