'Republicana' - The Children’s Special Republic Day Quiz

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Republic Day comes each year. But we seldom ask important questions or have interesting conversations about this rather important Indian day, especially along with children.

If you have the ears of children (recommended ages 7 - 12), bring them together for about 30 minutes for a 20 questions quiz about Republic Day & India. This is meant for parents, teachers, or curious old children to engage younger children on this topic. If you live in India or are of Indian origin, you'll find this a perfect companion in increasing awareness and sensitivity about this topic.

To get the quiz...

The quiz comes with 20 questions (yes, we’ve included the answers too!), ideal for 30-45 mins.

There are two ways in which you can run this:

1. Digital: Recommended if you plan to conduct using a laptop or phone. Each question and answer is on a separate slide. 

2. Print: Recommended if you plan to print out the questions or put it up on a noticeboard.

What to expect in the Republicana pack:

Inside this carefully curated pack, you will find a questions about and related to the Republic Day. There's also a short summary on the importance of Republic Day and the history of the Constitution of India. Worried on how to conduct the quiz? We have also included guidelines and hosting instructions. But it’s your quiz, so you can always run it your own way.

The answers to the questions also come with a short point on which you can initiate a conversation and discuss that aspect of Republic Day.

Here's a sneak peek!

Q: This Act came in force from April 1, 2010 which made India one of the few countries in the world, where it became the government’s responsibility to make sure children go to school. Which act?

Answer: Right to Education / RTE Act
As part of the Act, all kids between ages 6 to 14 can attend a school nearby and they cannot be asked to repeat or leave school until Std 8!

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