IndiQa 2016 results

The important thing is not to stop questioning . . . Never lose a holy curiosity. - Albert Einstein (1955)

Curiosity and thus, a question is at the heart of everything - a discovery, a question, a revolution, a change. A question is also a great way to learn more about something as you actively engage with the topic at hand. We thought the Independence Day will be a great occasion to learn more about India and what could be a better way to do that but a quiz!

India is a wonderful country - not only with a great history, culture, heritage, contributions to the world in almost every sphere of life. It is impossible to capture the idea of India in 30 questions and at IndiQa 2016, we have barely touched upon the topics and themes we could have.

We had over 70 students registering for IndiQa 2016.. The students were from all over the country - Guwahati to Vadodara, Hubli to Chandigarh, Patna to Solapur and of course, Pune. The quiz was conducted on 15 August. You can play the IndiQa 2016 Perisqope to check out the questions (and the answers)!

Most participants did very well and we had to use the tie-breaker rules to break ties for the first and the 10th positions! The top three students of IndiQa 2016 all got a perfect score of 30 and were separated only based on the time taken to complete the quiz.

The top ten students are

  1. Vinaya N, City Pride School, Pune
  2. Vaibhav J, Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi
  3. Swastika P, GIIS, Chinchwad, Pune
  4. Aadhit M, Gurukul school, Pune
  5. Parth C, Delhi Public School, Vadodara
  6. Chirag C, DAV BSEB, Patna
  7. Amitoj K, DAV Public School, Pune
  8. Kautuk R, Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur
  9. Rutuja G, City Pride School, Pune
  10. Shrirang P, City Pride School, Pune

There was a 6-way tie for the 10th position and the following students just missed out :

  • Yash H, Bishops co ed school, Undri
  • Suyash B, City Pride School, Pune
  • Chaitrali B, Deccan Education Society (DES), Pune
  • Aryan K, Vidya Valley, Pune
  • Neeraj S, Sucheta Memorial, Gurgaon

The winners received an Amazon Gift voucher of Rs. 1000/- (first position), Rs. 500/- (second position) and Rs. 250/- (third position) which will be emailed to the registered email ids submitted during registration for IndiQa 2016.

The top 10 students will receive a certificate of participation that will be sent to their schools by post. We will be contacting some of the students by e-mail to confirm the postal address of their school to send the certificates.