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“What does it take to have a great quiz?” is a question we have thought about for a long time. We have gone far and we’ve gone wide, we’ve looked under rocks and we’ve dug deep. We have looked at the hundreds of quizzes we have conducted, a whole lot of quizzes we have participated in, and tens of thousands of questions we have written. And that has led us to this simple formula which works in almost all of the situations we have encountered:

Highly engaged quiz-taker(s) + Engaging curated questions = A great quiz experience!

Of course, there are a few other factors as well such as the host, the environment, the company, which affect this. But at the very core, the two biggest factors are highly engaged participants and well-crafted questions that play to, pique, and tease the interests of the participants. The biggest obstacle to just start quizzing is the latter. How amazing would it be if you just had a set of curated questions suited to your interests!

We are sure you can think of a number of topics you would love to be quizzed on as a curious person, and a number of others that you would love to quiz your friends on. And this is where Quizstarter comes in - you bring the curiosity, we will bring the questions. All you need to do is tell us the topic of your liking, how difficult you would like the set to be, where we can send it to you, and voila! You shall find a curated 10-question set waiting for you in your inbox! It is as simple as that.

Who is this for?

  • Curious folks who want to be quizzed on topics of their liking.

  • Everyone looking to connect with friends, family, co-workers, and other groups in a more engaging, fun, and memorable way.

  • Fun hosts who want to throw in something creative and memorable in parties instead of the same old routines.

  • In a word this is for YOU!

Ready to “Just Start Quizzing”?

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