A Qtopian World


Quizzes are awesome.

We’re not just saying that; the above statement is the conclusion of a social experiment we ran on the 19th of November 2017. 60+ volunteers showed up, spent 8 hours in a confined space (albeit a confined space that serves beer) out of their own volition, got bombarded with a volley of questions pretty much non-stop (with loo breaks, we’re not animals) and went home thinking they had a really great time.

Jokes aside, Qtopia really was a giant experiment that we undertook for a couple of reasons:

- to showcase all the different things Thinq2Win, as an entity, could do
- to determine whether there was a ‘market’ for a ‘quiz festival’ which would hopefully render quote marks unnecessary in the future

As experiments go, this one was successful.

The interactive SparQ Session on Harry Potter was non-competitive but attracted the most enthusiastic Potterheads, ranging from ages 8 through 45. Battle of the Ages, our parent-child quiz on the Mahabharata saw a flouting of rules, just like in the epic. But this time it was in the form of a 1-year old baby who was too young to compete. Nobody seemed to mind it though. At the same time, on another field, Year ye, Year ye, a 75-slide quiz on events that took place in 2017 was a challenge in endurance—we could literally feel the collective brain-wheels grinding. The Pop! Quiz taught us that if you’re getting over 30 pop culture fanpeople in one room, you’d better clear out breakable stuff! In a quieter setting, Quizmaster J. Ramanand quizzed a serious gathering on the 3 religious of India – Balls, Ballots and Bollywood. ORIGINisms, the socially-theme quiz turned out to be the dark horse, having reeled participants in with a sense of intrigue, leaving them with plenty of food for thought. On the other end of the spectrum, Show me the Bizness, a visual quiz on logos and brands kept the ad junkies hooked. The cherry on top of this multi-tiered cake was Mind Games, a party-game style pub quiz that brought the house down with applause, high-fives and a collective crooning of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie would have been proud.

The one thing we did learn from Qtopia was the one thing we set out to prove with this experiment: Quizzes, after all, are for everyone. QED.

Missed out on Qtopia, you can still buy a piece of the action here!