Year That Was | Top 10 Best Quiz Answers of 2015

We asked one of our Quizmasters Deven Deshpande to pick his Top 10 Awesome Answers to Quiz Questions this year, and here they are. If you have the answers, leave them in the comments below!


1. When asked about his inspiration he said, “I started to thinking back to when I was a paper boy, one of those experiences about growing up in New Rochelle where I cut open this paper bundle and saw that Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valence had been killed” Who is talking and about what? (Pub Quiz)

(Deven: “A tough yet brilliant question, perfectly answered. Most people stop at The Day The Music Died.”)


2. The first Chief Minister of Assam, he was nicknamed Lokpriya, and was given the Bharat Ratna in 1999. Who? (Firodia School Quiz League)

(D: I didn’t know the answer to this myself! And it was totally murdered by a school kid!)


3. Syd, Millie and Olly were the mascots of the Olympic Games in 2000. If Millie is short for Millenium, what do the other two stand for? (Pub Quiz)

(D: The person answering this stopped me at the first line and answered correctly. Good stuff!)


4. This effect is often used to describe situations where there are contradicting descriptions of the same event. This term comes from a 1950 Akira Kurosawa movie of the same name. Identify the term/movie. (Pub Quiz)

(D: Rarely do people know this epic movie!)


5. They started with the photo of a baby - because baby faces are most loveable, and pasted onto it the eyes of poet Carl Sandburg, the forehead of Ernest Hemingway and the nose of Albert Einstein to create which iconic Hollywood character? (Pub Quiz)

(D: This was a beautifully framed Q and needed that maze-like working out and imagination to eventually get to the answer.)


6. He was designed as “Bending unit 22” and is described as an alcoholic, cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed, misanthropic robot. He features on the “Blackjack and hookers” meme. Who? (Pub Quiz)

(D: Tough Q since off beat/ non main stream sitcom. Really surprised it was answered perfectly.)


7. In the Mahabharata, the line “Naro va, Kunjaro va” is uttered by Yudhishthir when telling Dronacharya that someone died, but he isn’t sure if it is the man or the beast. What character does it refer to? (Pub Quiz)

(D: A rare Mythology Q in our pub quizzes which was smoothly countered by a beautiful answer. Of course, no working out here. Either you knew it or you didn’t.)


8. Originally featured in Thomas Harris’s novel, Buffalo Bill is based on six real-life serial killers. He wishes to make a “Woman suit” for himself. Which novel does he feature in? [Played by Ted Levine in the film adaptation] (Pub Quiz)

(D: Tricky Q that was perfectly answered with added info!)


9. The dictionary definition of a particular term states that it means “a link or connection; or a central or focal point.” What is this term’s “flagship” connection to a software and tech giant? [The name of the giant is used synonymously with seeking information on the internet] (Pub Quiz)

(D: Bob, who generally is great at leg pulling and putting off the QM, was the only person in the room who knew this one! 😄)


10. The Maharaja of Kashmir did not allow British civil and military officers to buy land in his state. As a result, they did THIS, unintentionally boosting the tourism industry of Kashmir in the process. What did they do? (Firodia School Quiz League)

(D: Equally magnificently worked out by a school student.)