indiQa 2019 - the online India quiz for schoolchildren

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A great way to celebrate India and its 72nd year of Independence is by celebrating knowledge of our vast country. indiQa, the online quiz on India for schoolchildren does just this.

On 15th August 2019, we will be conducting the fourth edition of indiQa, our online quiz on India for schoolchildren.

The quiz is brought to you by Iconiq India. Iconiq India helps families, especially children, get closer to India via games, virtual trails and online courses.

Details and Rules

  • When: The quiz will be conducted on 15th of August, 2019 from 2 PM IST.

  • Where: It will be held online: all participants will be mailed a link one day prior which will be made active at 2 PM on the 15th.

  • Syllabus: The quiz will span all things India: history, geography, culture, art, politics, business, food, literature, science, technology etc.

  • Format: It will be a mixture of Multiple Choice Questions and questions where participants have to enter answers.

  • Eligibility: Participants must be studying in a class between 1st to 6th standards. The quiz is open to any student from any part of the world.

  • Prizes will be awarded in 3 categories:

    • India residents (1st-3rd standard) - Note that the quiz will be open from 2 to 3 PM IST for this category

    • India residents (4th-6th standard) - the quiz will be open from 2 to 3 PM IST for this category

    • Non-Residents (ages below 12 years) - the quiz will be open from 2 PM IST for 24 hours.

  • Winners will be chosen on the basis of performance in the quiz. If there are ties, a lucky draw will determine who wins. All winners will be given prize vouchers (subject to verification of identity)

  • Results will be announced by 20th August, 2019. We will NOT be sending individual scores to each participants. Answers will be announced by 18th August, 2019 and participants can self-assess their scores. Check out the Results and Answers here.

To register for indiQa 2019, fill the below form (unable to view? click this link instead). Registration is free. Please ensure you enter a valid and working email address to receive updates.

Bonus for Iconiq India members

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