SparQue - Harry Potter!

Harry Potter - SparQue session "Accio!"

Summoning all Potter fans to a special SparQue session on, you guessed it, the World of Harry Potter.

A "SparQue" session is a quiz based on a popular topic that lets you learn about a books & movies and also lets you express yourself to like-minded people. The session will be participative and you don't have to have read or watched the series in question. In the process, we will also explore interesting ideas from the series.

Why should I attend: - if you are interested or want to get interested in such books/films/series - if you like mentally stimulating, fun activities - if you have a point of view on the book/film/series

This edition of SparQue will cover the entire spectrum of the Potter universe, from the books to the movies to the characters. We'll try to send a Confundo charm your way, so bring your wand!

Entry is free for all, including non-members. Feel free to get your friends along!

To know more, visit the event page here.