EPL at the BCL: SparQs Fly!

3rd of December, 2016, saw Choose To Thinq conduct a SparQ session at the British Council Library. It was themed on the English Premier League. A SparQ session involves discussion, retelling of experiences and learning new things about the subject through a quiz. With a knowledgeable fan base to entertain itself, share opinions and argue statistics, the session was charged with EPL-mania. Our veteran host for the evening, Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi captained the team well with interesting questions and facts. In the spirit of the session, he showed yellow and red cards for foul play. The person who answered the most number of correct answers even got a whistle.

Lasting about an hour, the gathered spectators' only grumble was the lack of overtime.  And as always, our true satisfaction lied in facilitating this interaction and learning a few new things ourselves

Some Questions. Can you answer them?

  1. This club’s nickname doesn’t derive from the current name of the Football Club as believed by many. It infact derives from the club’s earlier name which was ‘Thames Ironworks’.

What nickname, that also features on the club’s crest, is being talked about?

  1. “When the fixtures come out I usually look for three games – City, Liverpool and Everton. This time I checked the Sunderland game. If there is one team that I want to beat this season it will be Sunderland.” Which player said this ahead of his team’s 2012 fixture against Sunderland and why?
  1. What connects this exhaustive list?

Begovic - Stoke v Southampton, 2013. Howard - Everton v Bolton, 2012. Robinson - Tottenham v Watford, 2007. Friedel - Blackburn v Charlton, 2004. Schmeichel - Aston Villa v Everton, 2001

Comment your answers below. Also suggest interesting topics for us to conduct more sessions on!

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