Run a terrific Diwali quiz in your office for free!


Presenting Thinq2win's Great Office Diwali Quiz!

It’s that time of the year when busy HR and Admin staffers have to plan something ‘fun’ for your team's Diwali party. Having been on the employee side as well as working with HR folks, we  know how difficult this can be for them to come up with interesting ideas each time.

Take what has worked best for our clients

Many of our clients have used our quizzes during festive as well as private company occasions to get everyone together in a smart and meaningful way. 

This has worked great because:

  • You can actually get *everyone* together in a meaningful way, even the shy ones who don’t like cubicle decorations or dressing up
  • You can give away nice prizes
  • It's increasingly a cool + smart thing to do

How to run your own Diwali special quiz

This Diwali, we are giving you a celebration quiz for free. It’s got something for everyone in your office: culture, Bollywood, sports, gadgets, and food. It’s the perfect set, really.

The quiz (in the form of a small PDF file) comes with 25 questions (don’t worry, we’ve included the answers too), ideal for 30-45 minutes of celebration. We have also included guidelines and hosting instructions. But it’s your quiz, so you can always run it your own way.

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