The SparQue's Lit: James Bond stirs up British Library

James Bond SparQue Session event

  • 007 - what does it exactly stand for?
  • Which Bond girl appeared on Myth Busters to dispel a myth about how she dies in the movie she plays?
  • How did the book 'Birds of the West Indies' that sat on his bookshelf, inspire Ian Fleming to write James Bond?

This and lots more, were just some of the things that were answered (to chocolatey prizes), discussions and anecdotes at our unique SparQue session on 'James Bond' at the British Library in Pune.


SparQue sessions are our speciality gatherings where we use quizzing as a medium to guide groups to discover and relive interesting series and works and discuss their views with like-minded people. Whether you are familiar with the topic or not, you will go home with something new to read or watch out for!

The British Library, which already has an array of Bond DVDs and books, had transformed the place in the past weeks, in anticipation of the event. The lobby had been lined up with Bond posters, trivia, DVDs and a large cutouts of Aston Martin. Special screenings of the movies had also been organised for members!

Come Saturday, participants gathered in the library's seminar section. Some had seen only one movie; some were ardent fans, first hooked onto the franchise since Sean Connery's Dr No; some were just curious about the topic.

Quizmaster and quiz-setter Omkar Yarguddi had come up with a bunch of awesome rounds: 'Live and Let Quiz', 'The Spy Who Spotted Me', 'You Only Guess Thrice' and 'One Answer Is Not Enough'. Minutes into the session, the serious hall had turned into a classroom of eager students, with participants all excited to answer, voice their opinion, ask questions themselves and crack jokes.

This was our fifth SparQue session at the library. If you have missed all of them - you really need to keep tabs of when the next one is! It's free and open for all.

To give you a taste of what went on - try guessing what Bond movies these phrases translate to!

  1. Atmosphere Descent
  2. Solely For Your Optiorbs
  3. Exist and Then Allow To Expire
  4. Negative Man With A Philosophy Degree
  5. The Dude with the Amber Metal Firearm