Ammunition, Nappies, Research Papers and a position in the Pune Municipal Corporation

Are you wondering what could have brought ammunition, nappies, research papers and a position in the Pune Municipal Corporation together in one sentence? Well, it all started last Thursday, when I got a call from K S Prakash, the MD of IDeaS (a SAS company) if we could host a quiz at the awards function for the 12th AJM Corporate Cricket tournament. The conversation was interesting :

Prakash: But are you comfortable with cricket as a topic?

Me : of course, I’m a fan!

Prakash : Right! I know that’s like asking someone ‘is the sky blue’ but just wanted to confirm :-)


We put together a fun and interesting set of questions that would appeal to the cricketers and the arm-chair fans alike and to top it all, Dilip Vengsarkar was the Chief Guest and gave away the awards.

Well, we had to ask a question about Mumbai batsmen and the Lord's honour board :

Before Ajinkya Rahane in 2014, who was the last Mumbai batsman to score a Test hundred at Lord’s?


The quiz was fun – with umpires being quizzed on their syllabus :

Which fielding position in cricket, beside deep cover on the boundary, shares its name with a defensive position in football, in which the defender is traditionally required to clear the ball off the goal line? It could also be someone employed by PMC.


The winning captain from TCS was asked about famous sledges



The most enthusiastic cricketer from Tech M was asked about Ammunition and cars :

And a 9 year-old was grilled on matches played between India and Pakistan in World Cups (he was spot on with his knowledge of matches played well before he even born).

This question on a research paper in Operational Research was fittingly cracked by Navin :

The writers published this paper in the Journal of the Operational Research Society in Mar 1998 and one of the two authors used to edit the newsletter of Royal Society of Statisticians. Who are these people?


And we ended the quiz with this question


Some thoughts that stayed with me :

  • Dilip Vengsarkar talked about grabbing an opportunity when it presents itself  - he did that with his famous knock in the Irani Trophy against the best Indian bowlers. He spoke about the importance of grabbing your chances again when talking about his stint as the Chairman of Selectors.
  • The whole genesis of the Ankur Joglekar Memorial corp. cricket tournament really struck a chord. He was a young man - passionate about cricket, whose real-life innings was tragically cut short in a road accident. Since then, the family, friends and more importantly, his employer IDeaS have put in lot of efforts to keep his spirit and the fire going.  IDeaS has been organizing the tournament every year – this was the 12th edition and by all accounts, it has now developed into a well-organized,  much sought-after annual feature of the corporate cricket calendar in Pune.
  • Dilip Vengsarkar told a story about Javed Miandad which was another great example of why he was called street-smart (and a great business lesson for me) I’m not sure if I should recount it here but at the end of it, when Vengsarkar said,”Well that’s Javed for you” – even those who heard this story for the first time, nodded knowingly!!!
  • While we have asked about the century Vengsarkar missed while playing at Sialkot in 1984 when the match was abandoned, I learned that day that he almost got timed out in Australia once when he was scheduled to come in at No. 3 after Gavaskar and Chetan Chauhan.

It was a great evening with some very knowledgeable cricket fans and excellent amateur players – all getting together to have some fun. The biggest learning for me, though, was – when the prizes for the quiz are as good as a bat autographed by the Lord of the Lord’s, I should ask the organizers to reserve one prize for myself.