Celebs and the power of quizzing!

Our quizzes are addictive. And yes, they enrapture you hook, line and sinker.This year we realised, this holds true for people who see glitz and glam all their life as well.

Actress Sonali Kulkarni was one of the chief guests for our Firodia School Quiz League quizzes. She arrived a bit late, but in time to catch the last round of the inter-school quiz. These were the questions that were being displayed on screen when she sat into her chair:

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She was fascinated. Some of the answers she knew. Some she didn’t. But she was curious to know, not just the right answers, but also the children who would get them right!

With an audience of over 500 children, accompanies by the principals and teachers of schools across Pune, she revealed how quizzing creates amazing memories. “There was only one quiz I took part in as a child - it was about traffic rules. And I still remember everything about it!” she said.

In a warm talk spoken from the heart, she hit the nail on the head when talking about the power of curiosity. “As an actor you get used to mugging something up and delivering the lines. But there comes a point in your life where you want to get beyond just mugging, and want to know more, want to read for knowledge.” And that’s the trigger we offer.

Sonali Kulkarni with the Choose To Thinq team along with Sulajja Firodia Motwani and former Sakal Times editor Rahul Chandavarkar: