20 Years later...

20 Years later...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published on the 26th of June 1997. A new universe full of magic, murder, mystery, Dobby, Draco and dragons burst forth and strongly captivated audiences and mesmerized millions. The universe continues to do so 20 years on. 26th June 2017 marks this anniversary of a global phenomenon with celebrations all over the world.

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Grey Cells Matter at S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research


Choose To Thinq was invited to conduct a quiz at the prestigious S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai on the 7th of December 2016. Grey Matter is a quiz with the aim of engaging and bringing together people from different programs in the institute, who otherwise do not mingle with each other. This included faculty, staff and PG students. Thus the age of the participants ranged from 30 to 70 years! We even lent them a hand to promote the quiz internally, by providing questions.


The quizmaster for the day was J. Ramanand. It was coordinated with the help of Deven Deshpande.


The quiz was on general knowledge, with a slight emphasis on 'Business', since it was in a management institution. Almost 30 3-member teams participated. The top 4 teams were taken into the finals with 2 more from among the faculty and staff. The quiz had a tight finish as all the participants were well prepared and quick to recall and deduce the answers from the clues provided. The winner was declared by the last question, that too on a buzzer!

We strive to add something different in every quiz or engagement event we do. This time was no different. We has a special third 'Super-Sub' round. In this round, one member of each team was replaced with members from teams which had just missed out: the 'honourable' mentions. Needless to say this was very-well received and added to fulfilling the objective of the event: Engaging with people in the institute you don't generally interact with on a daily basis.

The organization was efficient (management institute after all! :) ) and the audience added to the excitement with their active participation.

Overall, another successful wrap!


How can we improve competitive college quizzes?

  We folks here at Choose To Thinq have been setting and hosting all kinds of college (and open) quizzes at fests for a long time. Thinking about our experiences hosting and participating in such quizzes in India, we asked ourselves this question: "Why have these college quizzes essentially remained the same all these years?" Quizmasters, popular topics for questions, quiz themes, methods of passing have come and gone but the essential format (written prelims + finals) remains the same. As do the profile of quizzers who do well at these quizzes. The audience participation (or lack thereof) in most quizzes has also been the same.

Is this like Heinz Ketchup: a classic, hard-to-improve format/round/approach? Or is that that no one has really tried to 'disrupt' competitive college quizzing  or pay attention to its flaws and tried to improve it?

(Note that we are mainly talking about the kinds of quizzes that happen at college quizzing fests, which are often influenced by many of the open quiz groups and fests.)

We usually do a bunch of college & open quizzes as part of these fests in the first half of the year, so we thought this 'off-season' was a good time to ask this question.

If you are a college quizzer or just an Indian quizzer with a point of view, do tell us what you think could be done differently (use the form below or access it here). What would you improve? What would you chuck? Or is it all hunky dory?

We'll put up a summary post with the most interesting thoughts a few weeks from now.

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The 2015 Armageddon college quiz, GTU, Ahmedabad

Armageddon In March 2015, Ramanand conducted "Armageddon", a general quiz for college students, at Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad. The event was organised by "Mind Palace", the resident quiz club at LDCE, Ahmedabad, which is part of GTU.

This was his 2nd outing at "Armageddon", following his quiz in April 2014.

A few questions from the prelims of this quiz:


  1. In the song "London Thumakda" from the hit 2014 Hindi film "Queen", who is the real-life queen mentioned in the lyrics?
  2. In this work of fiction with an Ahmedabad connection, if "Ananya" is based on a real-life person called Anusha Suryanarayan, who is "Krish" based on?
  3. What in the world of sports is nicknamed "Ol' Big Ears" in Britain, "La Orejona" in Spain, and "Grandes Oreilles" in France?

Take a guess at the answers before peeking at them (select the text below - it's in white font - to reveal the answers)

1. Queen Victoria

2. Chetan Bhagat - this refers to the semi-autobiographical "Two States"

3. The UEFA Champions League Trophy