"My First Quiz" - Unmilan Kalita

“2009. June, perhaps. I was a Class 3 boy unknowingly doodling some 'Starry Nights' on my bench. A notice came to the classroom stating that a representative was to be sent from Class 3 to some wuiz which was scheduled for the next day. The teacher asked the class if anyone was interested in it. I, totally bored of mundane long classes and homework, raised my hand, which for me was a well drawn out strategy to bunk the classes next day. The very next day, it was drizzling. I went to the school ground where posters and seats were being organised by the logistics team of the sponsor. It was written 'Cadbury Bournvita Quiz'. And some name like Derek O' Brien or something. Was made to sit in a team. The seniors were of class 6 and 8. It was quite terrifying for me. Inspite of all, while sitting on the podium, I felt the momentum my heart was building when a question flashed on the screen. That day, I answered 2 questions. One was Rafflesia, and the other was Watermelon. And by the end, we won. Since then, there has been no turning back. What drives me here is the force of knowledge that strives to extend it's boundaries, irrespective of winning, losing or simply working out fundaes from the audience. A simple joy. Nothing more, nothing less. But worth it! Vivé La Quiz!”

- Unmilan Kalita has contested several quizzes since his toddling days of Class 3. He has won Brainjam Quiz 2019, was the 1st Runners Up at the CBSE Heritage Quiz, New Delhi and a lot of quizzes in Assam. He passed his 12th boards in 2019. You can connect with ihim on @UnmilanKalita (Twitter), Unmilan Vicky Kalita (Facebook) and unmilanvickykalita (Instagram).

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