"My First Quiz" - Nandha Kishore

“The first time I remember feeling the joy of getting a question right was in Class V, when my social sciences teacher asked the class, "Name the group of islands in the Atlantic ocean from where the West Indies cricket team plays. Begins with a C". Was the only guy in class to shout back "Caribbean!" as I had looked up the name on the dictionary after reading it on the Lays chips packet. It was the first time I tasted the feel of getting an answer right based on what I had observed. There was a quiz show back on Raj TV called Quiz Whiz, which I used to follow quite rigorously. The first time I went to a quiz was back in Class VI. Obviously, didn't qualify to finals. But, was the only guy put my hand up for an audience question, "Who was the maternal grandfather of Bharatha, after whom India takes its official name?". It was a great feeling to eagerly shout, "Viswamitra" into the mike with an audience of around 300-400 people. Guess that's when I was hooked. Tried school quizzing. Got slaughtered on a state level quiz final on TV. Was trolled mercilessly :) Studied at a state board school. Not many opportunities or resources. Had access to the internet for the first time only after I finished Class XII, so was slowly introduced to quiz blogs. For the first time, I began to get used to funda style Indian quizzing. I still remember the question that I worked out first. "The specific gravity of substance A was found to be 1.065, while that of substance B was merely 1, thereby proving a famous statement. Identify which." "Um, blood is thicker than water?" I hazarded a guess. Got it right, and I guess that was my first instance of working an answer out. Meant a lot to me back then. Didn't know what pounce and bounce was till I entered college. College quizzing is a different beast entirely. Many, many, many memories. Wrong guesses, fighting with teammates for narrowed down answers, last minute pounces, "Fuck it, I am going for it" at the first slide of an LVC, buzzing randomly for connects, random guesses fetching +10, bunking knowing I won't get an OD, the list is endless. Organized and cofounded the college quiz club in my final year. Almost four years away from India, despite its extremely systemic problems, the one thing that I miss the most from India has to be quizzing. Non-quizzers have told me they don’t understand the zeal that quizzers possess for a mere "question and answer" game, but very few feelings in the world equal cracking a well set question.”

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