"My First Quiz" - Aditya Batra

“I was in Class 2 and we had an annual inter-class General Quiz. I was chosen somehow among the 3 people to represent our Section. I remember my father getting me a Manorama to read because one of the areas of questions for the Quiz was Countries. I remember memorising capitals of all countries in the world. Then, on the day of the quiz at the first question for our team, all of us were dumbfounded with a tricky question, answer to which was - Ruler (in stationery). We still went on to come second. I don't remember which Capital I answered correctly in the rapid fire, but it was a beautiful experience. And that is how I met Quizzing.”

- Aditya Batra’s relationship with quizzing has been sporadic. In college, he won a few campus quizzes and came 6th in an individual national quiz at St. Stephens. Doing post-grad at MICA, he was member of the quiz club, where he set and organized multiple quizzes. He can be followed on Twitter at @adityabatra1995.

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