The Summer of Distractions - Results

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The Thinq2Win Summer of Distraction kicked off with Kissa Kursi Ka Parts 1 and 2, two quizzes on two proverbial games of musical chairs, i.e. Game of Thrones, and the Lok Sabha elections. The participants brought their wits and best swords to the battle, shields were broken, campaigns were made, and candidates’ rhetoric was questioned. In the end, after counting all the (fallen) heads and votes, here are the results:


Kissa Kursi Ka Part 1: The Game of Thrones Quiz

Here are the participant stats with the overall points they scored.

Sayan Mazumdar - 42

Aadhit Manke - 40

Mayank Lal - 32.5

Tanuj Bakshi - 32.5

Sumedha Sethi - 24

Vikrant Agarwal - 23.5

Pratik Chaudhari - 20

Rahul Raghavan - 19

Abhishek Ranjan - 17

Girish Suranje - 15

And as promised, we’d like to give out these quirky awards to the following participants:

  • The “Faster than Gendry” Award for being the first across the finish line - Sayan Mazumdar

  • The “Best Wrong answer” Award - Vikrant Agarwal, for answering "Aaron Sorkin" for the 'Westeros Wing' question.

  • The “Oscar for best honest reactions” - Sumedha Sethi for answering with "Huh?" and "Lol" on occasion.

Lok sabha.jpeg

Kissa Kursi Ka Part 2: The Lok Sabha Elections Quiz

Here’s how our candidates fared in this round of vote-counting:

Shashank Tyagi - 39

Aashish Chandorkar - 38.5

Siddharth T - 38.5

Sukanya Ghosh - 35.5

Manas Deep - 31.5

Rajiv Rai - 31.5

Mayank Lal - 31

Eklavya Sinha - 28.5

Sanno Srivastava - 27

Dipankar Goswami - 23

Tanuj Bakshi - 20.5

Arjuna Srinidhi - 18

Kaushik - 16

Girish Suranje - 11

And the quirky awards for Kissa Kursi Ka Part 2 are as follows. These will be conferred upon the recipients by the Hon. President of Wakanda, un-democratically elected (not):

  • The "Fastest Elected" Award for being the first to finish this electoral race - Shashank Tyagi

  • The "Needle Finder" Puraskar for answering "Stack of Hay" for Q34 - Dipankar Goswami, and finally,

  • The "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas" badge - Tanuj Bakshi, for making 350 parties national.


Thanos Did Nothing Wrong: The MCU and Avengers Quiz

Here’s the kill count of our Avengers:

Mayank Lal - 36

Aadhit Manke - 34

Tejas Nadkar - 31.5

Sumedha Sethi - 29

Anuradha Dharwadkar - 20

Vikrant Agarwal - 16.5

Arundhati - 15.5

Tanuj Bakshi - 15.5

Rahul Raghavan - 15

Manas Deep - 13

Arjuna Srinidhi - 12.5

And the quirky awards for Thanos Did Nothing Wrong are as follows. Each of them get two infinity stones. Fighting is encouraged.

  • The "First Avenger" Award for being the first to finish this fight - Anuradha Dharwadkar

  • The "Low Key Banter" Staff for keeping the paper checker alive - Sumedha Sethi, and finally,

  • The "Red Skull" badge - Arjuna Srinidhi, for identifying successfully that Iron Man was a HYDRA agent all along.

The next quiz in line is ‘Powerplay’ - The Toughest IPL quiz which goes live on the 25th of May.

All five quizzes in this season will remain open for participation till the 3rd of June, 2019. So if you or your friends missed participating earlier, despair not! There’s still time.

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Watch this space for the results of the upcoming quizzes, and updates on all the live ones. The page updates every Friday as more participants join in this celebration that is the Thinq2Win Summer of Distractions.

Toodles for now!