"My First Quiz" - Nirav Kanodra

My first quiz was an interhouse quiz in middle school (class 6, with 5th, 6th and 7th standard participants). We (Tagore House) won it - team members - Shivakumar Ramaswamy, Mehul Jani and Nihar Desai. The winning feeling on stage in front of 900 students was great. This inspired a life long interest in trivia and quizzing (more social pub quizzes are my interest vs the more academic and serious quizzes). The real reason for me being interested in quizzing was my mom. She listened to Bournvita Quiz Contest on radio (later on TV with @derekobrienmp (Derek O’Brien)) and she still has a good head for random dates and birthdays (but isn’t competitive). From my Dad I learnt desire to win/be right. I was selected to represent school in Bournvita quiz contest, but didn’t qualify to come on TV. This was a big disappointment. Years later, in Singapore, I answered an audience question in an India quiz conducted by Derek and won a return ticket to India on Jet Airways (Oct 2012)! The audience question was - In the movie Bobby, what was Bobby’s surname?”

- From twitter bio: Nirav Kanodra can sell interest rate derivatives for a living, sail boats as a hobby & draw cartoons for fun. He follows cricket, bollywood, global economy & politics. His twitter handle is @niravstoons

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