"My First Quiz" - Nandini Bhattacharya

“I still vividly remember that warm summer afternoon 25 years ago. The Games Room was the venue of the annual General Knowledge (GK) Quiz contest between the two divisions of sixth grade in my school. I was an indifferent member of an audience of 120 students, with 6 chosen students representing the class for the event. Sure I cheered my class team on every point they earned but truth to tell, at that juncture I don't think I regarded it as anything more interesting than a 'Get out of class pass' for the rest of the afternoon. I often found my attention wandering through the windows out into the open for want of something better to do. Suddenly something the Quiz Master said caught my fleeting attention. "Where would you find the Brandenburg Gate?" Both teams passed the question. The audience had the floor. There were murmurs but no answer. Without realizing it my hand was up in the air, and I had blurted out "Is it Berlin?" The stern faced QM gave me a penetrating gaze and said witheringly "Are you asking or is that your final answer?" Somewhat ruffled, I stuck to my guns and said more assertively "Berlin it is". The QM's face cracked a smile. "You've got it Miss Bhattacharya". The audience erupted with applause; I even caught an acknowledgement from my classmates on the team. That was a powerful moment. To hold in your hands the answer to a question that 120 people or more are clueless about can be very intoxicating. Looking back that was the day that initiated me into the world of Quizzing or Trivia as I know it today.”

- Nandini Bhattacharya has been a founding member of the Seattle Area Quizzers in 2007 which is still going strong, and has been regularly quizzing and setting quizzes since then. A late entrant into quizzing circles, she has blossomed from being a tentative audience participant to winning the Seattle edition of the Harry Potter Quiz, being the first runner up at the AID Seattle India Quiz, 2nd runner up and multiple finalist at the Ekal Seattle Bollywood Quiz, and being a confident quiz maker in her own right. She was also one the quizmasters who set Thinq2Win’s Women’s Day Special Quiz, Arachne’s Web. She can be reached on Twitter: @princessnandini

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