"Written of the ZedEye 2018" - Results

IZ 2018.png

“Written of the ZedEye” was our year-ender quiz, conducted in the last week of December 2018. Here are all the results (full ranking table at the end; see a sample and get the questions here):

  • Winner Aryapriya Ganguly

  • Runner-up Jimmy Mehta

  • Third Place Shashank Tyagi

Age Category Winners (top 3)

  • 16-20 age category: Shashank Tyagi, Abhijit Bhalachandra, Soham Dibyachintan

  • 21-25 age category: Amol Joshi, Achintya Sharma, Pranav Pawar

  • 26+ age category: Aryapriya Ganguly, Jimmy Mehta, Rabi Sankar Saha

Geographical Categories (top 3)

  • Outside India: Manish Ladha, Sarthak Chandra, Murali Krishnamurthy

  • North India: Aryapriya Ganguly, Rohan Khanna, Eklavya Sinha

  • East India: Rabi Sankar Saha, Pawan Kumar, Bedbyas Datta

  • South India: Abhijit Bhalachandra, Achintya Sharma, Aswath Venkataraman

  • West India: Jimmy Mehta, Shashank Tyagi, Amol Joshi

Interesting Wrong Answers Categories

  • “Maharathi Karna” Shield for “Untimely Memory Failure”: Akhila Phadnis for answering “Thisissofrustratingallicanhearistabusaying'pammi':-( “ in the “Andhadhun” question

  • “Misty Edwards” Medal for “We liked the way you think” : Atharva Soman for answering “Bhutan” to the Monopoly question involving dragons

  • “Donald J. Trump” Wall Hanging for ‘Alternate Facts’: Mustafa for his excellent guess “Arbitrarily decided that the more beautiful of the two captains had won the toss.” for the suspended referee question

Awards of Simple Interest

  • Top 3 “Very, Very Occasional Quizzers”: Shivakumar Gomathinayagam, Neeran Karnik, Vivek Shende

  • “The Juiciest Worm” Award for being the first three to respond: Shivakumar Gomathinayagam, Neeran Karnik, Manish Ladha

  • “Top Aces” for getting the most ‘bonus’ points (top 5): Rohan Khanna, Shashank Tyagi, Jimmy Mehta, Soham Dibyachintan, Rajiv Rai

“…and Statistics”

  • Easiest Question: the Ingvar Kamprad question

  • Toughest Questions: the “She "agreed to keep a secret", among other things. What's her first name?” and the new “Orthodox Church”

  • Average Score: 63.41, Median Score: 62.86, Most commonly occuring base score (i.e. without including bonuses): 48