Questions from 'Written of the ZedEye 2018'

IZ 2018.png

(The questions are in the form of an online slideshow. Includes answers.)

In Dec 2018, we conducted a fifty question yearender quiz on the year 2018.

Here’s a sample of the questions:

  • According to the 2018 book "Fire and Fury", Donald Trump likes to eat fast food at McDonald's because (your choices):

    1. He owns McDonald's shares

    2. He is afraid of being poisoned

  • In France, which of these items must be compulsorily carried in a vehicle? As a result, many French agitations have now been using it as a high-profile object, giving its name to a series of 2018 protests. Your choices:

    1. A Red Cross Flag

    2. A Swiss Army Knife

    3. A yellow, high-visibility vest

  • In 2018, actors Woody Harrelson and Tom Hollander, Ellis Reppen, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales,  sportsman Sergey Karjakin, designer Daniel Weil, and Lucy Hawking, daughter of physicist Stephen Hawking all were given a 'first mover' advantage. What did they all get to do?

  • Which word, which can precede words like the ones given below, was chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as its 'Word of the Year'?

    “Chemical, Masculinity, Substance, Gas, Environment, Relationship, Culture, Waste”

  • Actress Tabu plays a femme fatale in the 2018 thriller 'Andhadhun'. Her character is named after a Bollywood actress because of that actress's work in an 80s blockbuster. Who is this person?

  • English football's governing Football Association suspended a referee in a Women's Super League match in Oct. That was partly because he forgot a coin for the pre-match toss, and because of what he did instead. What did the referee do instead of the toss?