Opening the archives: "Classified Information" - a Flipkart campus quiz at IIT Madras

In a world where there is a premium placed on delight, you don't want to be boring when building connections with some of the top campuses in India, do you? Especially when you want to hire bright researchers and engineers in areas like Data Sciences. 



In March 2015 (on Pi Day!), we conducted a quiz called 'Classified Information' for Flipkart at IIT Madras. The quiz was based on the world of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Sciences, and for smart graduate and post-graduate students of the institute.

This also provided hooks for Flipkart to talk about the cool work they'd been doing in that area.

J. Ramanand hosted the quiz (organised in partnership with Campus Diaries) on our behalf, which was attended by ~100 participants - the bar was set very high in the prelims with one team getting 20/20. (And no, this wasn't a team of ML bots.)

Building bonds with a campus? Try a different approach

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Take your brain for a spin

Here are three questions from the quiz for any non-machines reading this to try:

1. What single letter completes the names of these clustering algorithms: _ -means, _ -nearest neighbor, _ - medoids

2. This company famously ran a ML-based competition from 2006 till 2009 to predict user ratings for films. (The million dollar prize was won by a team called Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos. Which company?

3.  He was a British clergyman but also interested in maths. He discovered something in maths, which was published after his death, in "An Essay towards solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances". Named after him, this is widely used in many maths applications, including ML. Who?

Answers in the first comment. Use the comments to tell us how much you got!