The Vidya Valley Lit Fest Quiz

Like last year, this year too, Thinq2Win was invited to conduct a literature quiz for the students of Vidya Valley School, Pune.

The Literature Fest at Vidya Valley is truly a fun event. It is wholly curated by the parents of students studying in the school. Story-tellers, book reports and of course quizzes, all make an appearance. This year we conducted a quiz for students of standards 6 and 7 and also created the quiz for students of standard 5.

Creating the quizzes was of course a tricky affair as the gradation of difficulty needs to scale up, whereas the content does not differ much. Perhaps Enid Blyton might be absent from the standard 7 quiz, but Harry Potter is ageless! Also, since last year, we had learnt that the students are smart and this is something they are probably preparing for. Hence, we cannot be patronizing and make it too easy (where’s the challenge in that?). Yet, the quiz should not put them off from reading or quizzing in the future.

The quizzes went really well with teams channeling their inner heroes. The teams were divided according to their school houses and hence there was fanatical team support, with the audience cheering widely whenever their team answered correctly. Even more loudly than while winning audience prizes! The quiz included Passing Rounds, Written Rounds framed around authors reading their lines, character deaths as well as literary worlds.

The quizzes were set and hosted by our team member, Omkar Dhakephalkar.

Here is one of the written rounds (from the standard 7 quiz). Can you get them all? Write the answers in the comments below!

Whose deaths are being described?

1. Dies in: Fourth book of the series
   Cause of Death: Bomb explosion, due to Holly Short being fooled into believing that shooting the bomb would prevent it from exploding
2. Dies in: Seventh book of the series
   Cause of Death: Killing Curse, possibly aimed at the rider of the flying motorcycle
3. Dies: At the end of a conference in a luxury hotel in the south of England, with her kind
   Cause of Death: Pea Soup which turns her into a mouse and is killed by hotel staff
4. Dies in:  Twelfth short story, second anthology
   Cause of Death: Fell down a waterfall along with his only equal and rival.

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