How do you prepare for a quiz?

Omkar Dhakephalkar is an avid quizzer who has been setting and hosting quizzes for Thinq2Win since 2016

If there is any question that I can guarantee has been asked to every quizzer, it is not “What is the capital of East Timor?” or “Which is the only planet to be not named after a Roman God?” It is, most definitely “How do you prepare for a quiz?”

This question is often asked by non-quizzers, people who are interested in this “new” past-time they are encountering and budding quizzers. I have been asked this question by people belonging to all these categories.

I do not have a definite answer to this. I myself have asked this question to multiple people and seniors in the quizzing circuits. At the end, the reply I have standardized now is “I do not” and “I am always preparing.”


Constantly reading books, newspapers. Watching movies, YouTube videos. Go through Wikipedia and IMDb trivia pages. Slideshare has a plethora of quizzes put up by the generous community. There are various pages on Facebook which put up questions. Of course, every major city has an active quiz-club which conducts weekly sessions. Attending them helps. Though the best way always, is attending more and more quizzes.

Unless you are aiming to win. Then for quizzes like the Sweden Nobel, TCS, or other topicals, there are always their previous quizzes available in archives, and its back to mugging up. I prefer to attend quizzes for fun and joy of deducing answers.

Hope that answers your question. And if you have a better answer, do comment below!

If you are searching for a quizzing club in your city, you can find one here. If you are already a part of any, please ensure its entry is made! This will help all to come 😊
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