Innerwear and the Elasticity of Quizzing

Omkar Yarguddi has been setting and hosting quizzes with Thinq2Win since 2016. He also headed our #usedtothinq Twitter quiz program.


Have you ever been quizzed on the topic of ‘Underwear’? Seems like an odd topic to participate in a quiz on, right? Yet, when we asked our participants at the weekly #usedtothinq quiz what topic they wanted among similar other wacky topics, this came out as the winner miles ahead!

Now we knew that there was demand. The problem was how to meet it. The only constraints were that the questions had to be interesting, and related to underwear in some way or the other. Having never made questions on such a topic before, we got to work. We stripped through layers and layers of...information, trying to discover nuggets that would make the pariticpants go ‘Aha!’ We looked far, and we looked wide, and finally we had found our favourite 10 questions on the topic.

This quest took us meandering not only through the brief history of underwear and some of the bizarre forms they have taken, but also through etymologies, sports, and art to name a few of the areas connected to the same.

So here are a few questions from the set. Try these on for size and let us know the answers in the comments!

1. Which article or intimate clothing lends its name to a nickname used to refer to male athletes or sports fans?
2. What type of undergarment might one associate with a guitar and August Wilhelm's arrangement of the second movement in Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major?
3. According to the book ‘1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off’, which American artist only wore green underpants?

Who would have known underwear could be this interesting?

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