"My First Quiz" - Sachin Deshpande


I was in class 8, in a new school, trying to figure my way there. The quiz was organized by the district science promotion center and the rules said a school has to send a team of 3 - one each from classes 8,9 and 10. I was selected along with 2 seniors from class 9 and 10 - both of whom were school toppers.

I've no idea why my teacher chose me from a batch of 60, and remember not wanting to go. We cleared the prelims, I don't remember doing anything of note there.

The finals had normal rounds, interspersed with one round where the students had to look at an experiment performed by the QM and then guess what it was. The QM did a version of newton's ring experiment and asked for the reason why the colors were not visible when the disc rotated - something stuck me and I told my teammates that it was due to persistence of vision, and it was correct. That I think was my only contribution during the entire quiz. We won, and I was hooked.

Sachin Deshpande quizzes but also forgets answers.

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