"My First Quiz" - Mayank Mujumdar

I first "quizzed" in second grade when my class teacher nominated me for an inter-house quiz in school. While the results of the event have faded in my memory, I distinctly remember answering the national bird of India wrong.

I chose to read more, and read often since then, and over the years my appetite for reading/watching/listening helped me inculcate quizzing as a cherised hobby that I often resort to, to break the monotony of routine.

(For those wondering, I had deduced the parrot to be the national bird of India.)

- Mayank Mujumdar indulges in trivia to ensure his sanity. He's a fossil from the Ahmedabad gharana of quizzing and currently resides in Bangalore. He can be unearthed by pinging @mayankmujumdar on Twitter.

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