"My First Quiz" - Anmol Dhawan

I remember my first quiz vividly. I was only eight years old then, and the teachers of our school had decided to organise a quiz between the three sections of Class III. I was one of the five who were chosen to represent my section, and I was extremely excited, but alas. Things didn't go our way, and we finished third - out of three teams.

But it didn't matter, because I was hooked. Of the many instances in life where I've met with failure or disappointment, the one thing I never gave up on was quizzing - simply because the whole process was so enchanting that winning was mostly an afterthought. The high of working out a cleverly framed question was unlike any other.

Many years later, I've done rather well for myself as far as quizzing is concerned, and as I focus my time and energy on academics today, I draw inspiration from what quizzing has taught me - finding little joys in reading new material, appreciating details, and just continuing to keep at it, no matter what happens. I guess I have a lot of reasons to be thankful to those teachers for my first quiz.

- Anmol Dhawan quizzed while at AFMC Pune. He was the international winner of the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2017.

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