World Cup time? Convert it into a memorable one for your team at work!

This is NOT a stock image! A question about him awaits those who patiently read through to the end.

This is NOT a stock image! A question about him awaits those who patiently read through to the end.

Wait, did you read that right? A big sporting tournament like the World Cup (cricket/football) or Olympics is the time when people come up with made-up medical leave applications or sick aunts and in-laws. Those who attend are groggy-eyed because people don’t get enough sleep. If offices can somehow manage to get by during this month without any major client complaint, most leaders would consider it a success.

So how can you convert this opportunity into a memorable one for your team?

First of all, instead of ignoring the fever that would have gripped your office, embrace it!

One sure-shot way to have even more fun is to get team-members to do something together, ideally something that they genuinely want to do. So here are the different ways in which you can help your team-members spend more time with each other:

  • Arrange for your team to attend some screenings together.

  • Encourage teams to deck up their work-spaces to show their support for their favourite teams.

  • Encourage team members to join a Fantasy League and get them to compete with each other.

  • Organize video gaming events where people play games to show off their skills.

  • Organize fun trivia quizzes on Fridays. This will get everyone to come together, show-off their knowledge about the sport(s) and win some prizes. More importantly, everyone gets a chance to play and compete in a live setting. The effect of the camaraderie that these trivia quizzes will have on team-spirit will last way beyond the duration of that tournament.

Note of caution - Each of these will work only if your team-members are genuinely interested in that sport and want to do something like this. These ideas will fall flat if they find (God forbid!) American football to be more interesting than football or prefer baseball to cricket .

And in case you need any help with organizing fun trivia quizzes, we can help :-)

AND NOW FOR THE QUESTION The image at the beginning shows Chuck Hagel, a US Govt. official, calling someone from the US football team during the 2014 World Cup. This was in response to this player's stupendous performance in a match which resulted in fans editing the player's Wikipedia page to state that he held Hagel's position in the US Government.

Who was Chuck Hagel talking to and what position did Hagel occupy in the Barack Obama administration? Post your answer in the comments below.