Report on quiz conducted at the Omidyar Network

On the 11th of May 2018, Thinq2Win conducted a quiz for the employees of the Omidyar Network as a quarterly event. It was a unique event as one of the teams paritcipated via Skype, from Bengaluru! The quiz went quite well especially with a full-fledged audio round: music, recordings, and speeches. The teams, sorted out via chits had fun in a timed list-it round which challenged them and got a few laughs too.

The quiz went on from 5:30 to 7:15 with a ten minute break between. The quizzers wanted it to go on so we even conducted a few extra questions. Gift hampers were given away. 20 Omidyar employees had a great quarterly celebration.

The quiz was hosted by one of our experienced hosts, Rizwan.

A few questions from the set:
1. The Shakespearean tragedy Troilus and Cressida appeared in an opera sequence in 2001 on Indian movie screens. What building, that ‘the heart desires’ did it take place in?
2. “You can argue that the movies was the best unpaid advertisement that the country has ever had” said one tourism manager. Which country where you can visit a hillside with 44 inhabited holes in hills?
3. Because computers cannot interpret or sustain the data, several atlases and maps create the fictional location called Null Island in the Gulf of Guinea, located off the coast of Africa. Why such a name?