Women's Day celebrated with a twist!

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Thus has Thinq2Win once again brought a fresh new perspective to increase the enjoyability of social events. By making a pub-crawl more interesting with a quiz, we believe new ground has been broken once again!

Despite Women's Day falling on 8th of March, along with Phoenix High Street, we had lined up a special surprise on the 9th. A women's-only pub-crawl that had all the toots and bells and whistles. From 7 30 PM to 9 30 PM, five venues were choc-a-bloc with participants dancing, singing and answering questions. With a variety of questions ranging from old Bollywood at SodaBottleOpenerWala to pop-culture songs at the British Brewing Company and Irish House, the quiz had it all. We also had specially themed rounds at Shizusan and The Wine Rack. As more and more people joined in, more and more hands went up and more and more people won goodies, vouchers and hampers.

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The quiz was expertly managed by our Bombay Ambassador, Deven Deshpande. He led about 60-70 eager participants through singing answers to audio questions and even showing off their steps in a dance-off! We even had a show-the-answer where questions were centered around brands the guests could be wearing!

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A few questions we conducted at the venues (you can answer by commenting below on the blog post):

At SodaBottleOpenerWala (since it has a 60s-90s vibe):
These are the lyrics of which Bollywood song translated into English?
When I saw your rosy eyes,
my heart became inebriated
My friends, please take care of me
It is difficult to care for myself now.

At The Wine Rack (wine-themed):
What word, used to describe a flavour of wine is being defined both seriously and funnily?
A wine exhibiting the aromas and flavors of the various of tobacco, roasting fire and toasty oak / A wine exhibiting the aromas and pungency of a mouthful of Delhi air which makes you go faint.

At Irish House (pop-culture oriented rounds)
This is a montage that appears in which music video?
Empty House -  Glasses filled with Water - Dancing in White Sand - Breaking Crockery - Paper Model of City - Sparks - Fire

At British Brewing Company (a different format, where pariticpants had to pick chits and answer on whatever topic the chit says):
The chit said 'Alcohol'
Which cocktail made with vodka, tomato juice and other spices may have got its name from an English queen who executed Protestants and got the sobriquet?

At Shizusan (Where we had a round around brands people had to show it on them to win)
Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 is the music that appears in the advertisements of which Tata subsidiary that might remind you of Greek mythological beings?