Grey Matter 4.0

On 16th of November 2018, Thinq2Win was invited for the third time to conduct a quiz at S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Bombay. Organized as part of their ADMAP course, it was open to the students, faculty, staff as well as the alumni of the prestigious institute. Other than bringing together the various peoples who form a part of this institute, this event also helps in providing a fresh avenue to use their ‘Grey Matter’. 30+ three member teams participated this year!

The elims were composed of 20 questions. Starting off with a few very easy MCQs, the questions progressed to ones which had the teams scratching their heads. Questions spanned all walks of life and even touched on what the teams were eagerly awaiting: business fundae asked about in a form they never expected!

After this round got over, and the teams were being marked, we had a short ‘Even More Fun Quiz’ in which the audience was entertained and their appetite for the full quiz was whet. Amazon vouchers and chocolates were given away to the audience members who guessed routes of rivers and fictional characters, their belongings as well as famous Bollywood dialogues.

8 teams qualified into the finals of which one contained the principal and two were alumni. The rest were form various batches of the college. This year we included a buzzer round both at the beginning and at the end. This kept the teams on their toes and the tensions high throughout as they fought for every point. The passing rounds were brilliantly answered with teams chimping off each other to crack tougher nuts. The last round was a themed buzzer round which some teams used cleverly to take a lead.

The alumni team won it again this year with two college teams finishing off second and third. The faculty team just missed out on the tie-breaker rules.

The quiz was set and hosted by J. Ramanand, assisted by Omkar Dhakephalkar. The quiz was impeccably organized by students in the ADMAP program.

Gallery (Photo credits: SPJIMR, click for next):

Here are a few questions from the elims of the quiz:

Q1. The first such ‘action’ took place on 12 January 2009. Today, one such ‘action’ takes about 1005 kilowatt-hours of energy.
What is created in such an ‘action’?

Q2. All (except three) satellites of this planet have names of Shakespearean characters such as Desdemona, Juliet, and Portia.
Which planet?

Q3. All these actors have something in common in the corresponding years. Which ‘local boy’ is the missing name?
1.Manoj Kumar (1965)
2.Bobby Deol (2002)
3.Ajay Devgn (2002)
4.Sonu Sood (2002)
5. (2006)

Q4. Which Hindi film was originally titled ‘Shoot the Piano Player’?


Q5. What term from the world of health & exercise is used for an investing strategy where money is put in very low and very high risk areas?
[Looking for a 7 or 8-letter term]