Indikya 2017: A Report


The College of Engineering, Pune is amongst the most prestigious colleges in India. Every year they have a grand fest called Mindspark. 2017 was the 10th anniversary of this fest and hence they envisioned to conduct a national-level quiz to celebrate the same. This was Indikya: an India quiz which was conducted in multiple cities with a Grand Finals in Pune.

Thinq2Win partnered with the COEP Quiz Club to ensure that Indikya was a great success. The City Rounds were conducted in Nagpur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Panaji. Thinq2Win created the finals of each of these city rounds which included a unique written round based on the city itself. These took place over the second week of September.

On Saturday, 23 September, Thinq2Win conducted the Grand Finals. The participants were the teams that had won the City Rounds outside Pune and the teams which had won the Pune Round. The finalists included two junior college teams (from Nagpur and Baroda (via the Ahmedabad Round)), the team from Bengaluru (RV College) and teams from Pune: AIT, MIT, COEP and three teams from AFMC.

The Finals were conducted by J. Ramanand and it was well-appreciated by the participants and audience. It consisted of a two written rounds, two Passing (Infinite Rebounds) and a Long Visual Connect. It was a tense finals as all teams were neck-to-neck until the very end and surprise sprints by teams interspersed shouts of "Pounce!" The finals were conducted in the new BHAU Auditorium in the COEP premises.
The team from Baroda came first, an AFMC team second with the Nagpur team coming in third.
The audience also received Thinq2Win coasters for answering correctly!

Overall, a wonderful first edition of Indikya.

This is the first round from the Grand Finals. Answer by commenting below! Also, there's more than what meets the eye.

Q1. According to a book by Prof. Sven S. Hartman, there are three grades of these, those with:
-an Atash Behram
-an Atash Adaran
-an Atash Dad-gah
Of these three, the entities housing an 'Atash Behram' are considered to be of the highest grade, with 8 of 9 such places worldwide located in western India. What are all of these types of, or in what kind of structure would you find them?

Q2. Musician George Harrison used this instrument in his 1982 album 'Gone Troppo'. Seetha Doraiswamy was perhaps its best known exponent. Which instrument?

Q3. According to popular accounts, Vedere Ramachandra Reddy was an ex-deputy collector from the village of Pochampally, in present day Telangana. In 1951, he pledged to give away family land for a social cause, which started a movement that gained a lot of momentum in the 1950s. Which movement?

Q4. In 1998, NASA held a contest to rename the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility. What was the winning name, submitted by an American high school student and teacher team?


Q5. Who was the only person to be given this object?