How to become a good college quizzer? A Thinq2Win Masterclass for new college quizzers

If you are a quizzer who has just joined an undergraduate programme somewhere in India, you must be pretty excited about also getting into the college quizzing circuit. For many such quizzers, this transition can be a little steep: quizzing at the college level is very different from what they were used to at school. 

So how does one find a way to successfully make this jump? We talk about this subject in this Quizzing Masterclass:

(if you can't see the video below, click to see the original video here)

About the Speaker

J. Ramanand, co-founder and quizmaker at Thinq2Win. Ramanand was the youngest winner of the BBC Mastermind TV quiz show, appeared as an 'expert panelist' on KBC in 2014, and has hosted college quizzes around the country. He quizzed actively during his undergraduate studies at the College of Engineering, Pune and then during his M.Tech at IIT Bombay.

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