Grey Matter 3.0 - the 3rd edition of SPJIMR's annual in-house quiz

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On the 15th of November, 2017, Thinq2Win was once again invited to conduct 'Grey Matter'; the annual in-house quiz of the S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research for the students, faculty, and staff. The quiz brings together everyone on this unusual campus, from its varied programs and departments, to take part in mental stimulation of a different kind and in the process, get to know each other better. More than 40 three-member teams participated in the quiz and the auditorium was bursting at its seams.

8 teams qualified to the finals. Three teams comprised alumni of the college and one comprised faculty. Whereas the 2016 edition was won by a student team on the last question, this time, with alumni teams also being invited, the competition was tough, fun and heated. The quiz meandered through the first written round and soon picked up pace through the Infinite Rebounds. It was not long before pounces were flying left, right and center with the faculty and alumni teams showing their prowess and experience; and the young college teams challenging them at every turn.

To accomplish the aim of enabling students and faculties of different departments to interact with each other, there was a special 'Super Sub' round where one member from the finalist teams was substituted with a member of the teams which just missed out qualifying to the finals. This was especially interesting as the quiz dynamics changed for that round; which was based on choosing a topic to be questioned on.

Till the last round, the participants and audience were on the edge of their seats as the scores were neck-to-neck. The suspense ended with an alumni team winning the quiz, a college team coming second and the faculty team bagging the third place.

J. Ramanand hosted the quiz and was assisted by Omkar Dhakephalkar. The quiz was impeccably organized by students in the ADMAP program.


Gallery (Photo Credits: SPJIMR)

A few questions from the quiz:

1. Slats, Jackie, Telly, Leo, Coffee and George have all played this role on screen, for which a good voice is a must-have. If you have encountered them, you will do so towards the beginning of a film. What role have they all played?

2. In June 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) became a reality after 18 meetings and for that reason, compared it to something famous. What?

3. Sir Robert was the governor of Madras Presidency from 1755-1763. He gives his last name to which geographical feature? The Ram Karmabhoomi movement opposes a development project in this feature.

4. In a 2006 research paper, scientists Raymer and Smith noted that as its length increases, so does the likelihood of this annoyance. In addition, its "Y shape" makes matters worse, with only one end having to cross another to start off the chain reaction. What almost daily annoyance is this that we have all heard of and experienced?

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