Inter-hostel Quiz at IIT Bombay: A Report

On the 4th of November 2017, Thinq2Win conducted an inter-hostel general quiz at IIT-Bombay. It was hosted expertly by our team-member Omkar Yarguddi, who travelled amidst threats of rain and flood from Pune to Mumbai to conduct the quiz. He himself had an adventure regarding this as it was first slated to take place on the 20th of September but he was forced to return midway from Lonavala. But that is another story.

A late night affair, the quiz started at 8 PM. More than 40 teams participated and the prelims were fiercely contested with a narrow margin: the highest was 17 and the cut-off was 13. Top eight teams made it to the finals. Though one experienced team had a strong gameplay in place, the remaining teams fought tooth-and-nail in an exciting finals consisting of Infinite Rebounds and Written Rounds. There was even a round called 'Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?' where upon receiving clues, teams had to guess the father of the person in question.

The quiz ended at 12 AM, amidst Thinq2Win pencils and chocolates for everybody.
A special mention is must for the great venue and organizational aid provided by the literary arts club, Literati. It was great pleasure to host this quiz.

The participants loved the quiz too:

I wanted to thank you for setting this quiz and everyone of us loved the set.
The event went extremely well despite it being postponed and credit goes to you and your team for your patience.
— Jibitesh Behera, Literary Arts Secretary

Some snapshots:

Here are some of the questions from the quiz. Comment below with the answers!

1. According to the organizers of Mood Indigo 2010, this was the first ever time a match of this sport was held in India. The exhibition match at IIT Bombay featured Byambajav Ulambayar and Naranbat Gankhuyag. Which sport?

2. British economist Henry George proposed something called the "single tax theory". To show how good it was, Elizabeth Magie created something with two sets of rules: the landlord rules and the single tax rule. However, people loved playing using the landlord rules as it was more competitive and these eventually became the standard for this pastime.
What are we talking about?

3. Frank and Anthony are two researchers whose primary claim to fame originates in a paper published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society in March 1998, which would have major repercussions in another field. They have even received a lot of hate mail over the years.
How do we known them better ?

4. In 2013, the poet Gulzar released a collection of short poems. The collection is named after an entity. Of it, he said:
 "I identify with ___. It reminds me of my own place in my family. Sometimes I was a part of the family and sometimes removed from it."
The reference is to his family of businessmen rejecting his choice of becoming a poet, so he says he "gifts these pint-sized poems to it" and "shares its sorrow on being rejected".
What's the title?

5. In later life, former 'Monty Python' star Michael Palin became a TV travel journalist. In episode 2 of the 2004 series 'Himalaya', Palin is at a certain place.
Observing the activities there, he thinks the people there may have been inspired by something fellow Python John Cleese did on screen in the second season of Monty Python's Flying Circus. In that sketch,Cleese is shown going to his place of work in London's Whitehall.
So where was Palin?