Little इंडिका in Singapore: A Report

What household item is worshipped on Diwali day as it is supposed to mark Goddess Laxmi’s love for cleanliness or because it reaches all corners of the house?

Diwali time for Indians living outside India is typically nostalgia time. It’s a time for getting together and celebrating with sweets, taash parties, watching a Bollywood film and doing all the typical desi things.

This year, we hosted an India special quiz around Diwali time in Singapore. The format required each team to have at least one member to be under 15 years old.


Most of the 14 teams that participated had a parent-child combination. Some of the adults were participating in a quiz for the first time but that didn’t show in the answers they came up with. A written prelims was conducted to select the finalists.

The 6 teams in the finals were:

  1. 'Wiz Moms': Kanchan and Shikha
  2. 'Team 2': Sugandhi and Anushri Matta (7)
  3. 'Tag Team': Tejaswini and Agastya (7)
  4. 'Masterminds': Vaibhav and Avyukt Pansari (7)
  5. 'Quiz Kiya to Darna Kya': Arnab and Shreyan Bannerjee (7.5)
  6. 'Smarter than a 3rd Grader': Ravikiran and Siddharth Arya (7)

The idea was to also help the younger ones get a taste of a formal quiz. So the finals consisted of 24 questions and a couple of written rounds. There was a lot of leg-pulling – of the parents by the kids, the Quiz Master by the teams and in one case, the husband by the wife  who were in separate teams with their two kids!

Cardoz .jpg


One team said they’ll now find it easier to convince children to have this ubiquitous dish for breakfast because it helped Floyd Cardoz  win Top Chef Masters.


Man Eater.jpg

Another parent thought it was a great opportunity to introduce such literary gems to his son.

We also talked about the Hawa Mahal and incidentally one family is planning to visit Rajasthan during the December vacations!


Eventually, 'Smarter than a 3rd Grader' consisting of Ravikiran and Siddharth Arya turned out to be smarter than the other 5 teams and won the first edition of Little Indiqa in Singapore, beating 'Quiz Kiya To Darna Kya' of Arnab and Shreyan Bannerjee. 

I had a great time hosting the quiz. It was the first Thinq2Win quiz conducted outside India. We plan to do more of this - in other parts of the world as well!

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